beverage filling systems
beverage filling systems

Century 72 Can Filler Product Sheet

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beverage filling systems

Adcor Industries carries on the proud tradition of Crown Bottle and Can Fillers. Being the standard bearer of the Crown Filler OEM we own and maintain the complete legacy of machine records and blueprint drawings needed to support the existing filling equipment. Others try to copy our parts with varied degrees of success – we make our parts to the highest design expectations that Crown originated.

Carrying on the Crown tradition, Adcor remanufactures and upgrades existing equipment and manufactures new Bottle and Can fillers with the same robust construction and ease of maintenance that has made the equipment the industry standard. Coupled to the Crown legacy is Adcor’s proven innovation and history of filling enhancements making new and old equipment perform to the highest standards.

Additionally, Adcor continues to provide the industry’s best customer support with expert Field Service Technicians, knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives and an experienced Engineering Staff.


Adcor operates a state of the art machining center producing the majority of the precision parts we supply. Coupled with the machining center is our quality control department that makes sure the right material is used, the correct manufacturing processes and procedures are followed and that the part has been made to the design specifications.

Our parts warehouse contains hundreds of thousands of parts, ready for immediate shipment. We employ an automatic parts retrieval and storage system providing for quick and accurate parts locating.

Our production staff use the latest in information technology systems to maintain our on time shipment promises. Our customer service personnel can tell from their desk exactly where in the production cycle a part being manufactured is and when it can be expected to be completed.

New Fillers

Adcor’s line of new filling equipment incorporates the tank tough designs that made the Crown Fillers the industry favorite. Filler bases of stainless steel tubular construction provide incredible strength and machine integrity. Lift Cylinder Supports are available in stainless steel. The Filler Bowls or Tanks are constructed to ASME standards and are certified as such. Enhancements developed by Adcor, Crown and Simplimatic are employed in every new filler making sure it is easy to operate, maintain and produce product at the highest quality and speeds in the industry.

Remanufactured Fillers

Bottle and Can Fillers remanufactured at our facility include the latest enhancements to improve maintenance, sanitation and filling performance. Fillers are completely disassembled, inspected and reconditioned to the highest standards.

Many upgrades are available including:

  • Automatic Lubrication Systems with low oil usage features
  • Electronic Level and Pressure Control Systems
  • Filling Valves that improve filling speeds and product yields
  • Stainless Steel Filler Bases
  • Elimination of Center Column and Thrust Bearing Plates
  • Multiple diameter can handling systems
  • Hi-Volume CO2 and Adjustable Float Systems
  • CIP Systems

Product Handling

Adcor Fillers are equipped with an advanced product handling system. It features a large diameter beverage inlet line, a unique distribution cross design, large distribution pipes to the filler bowl and inlet product baffles. Product level control system is simple, accurate and can be easily adjusted to different level settings when required.

Control Systems

Adcor interfaces the seamer programmable logic controls and operator interface terminals to display ongoing filling operations as well as control of the automatic lubricating systems. Optional control systems can be supplied on Century Can Fillers allowing operators to independently select settings that best suit filling conditions during operation.

Stainless Steel Open Frame Construction

Adcor Century Can Fillers use heavy duty stainless steel construction.The open frame design allows for easy cleanup and access to internal components.The filler carousel uses a large diameter bearing for smooth operation.

Clean-In-Place(CIP) Sanitation

A complete closed loop CIP circuit is standard.The system recirculates cleaning agents along all product contact points. Rotation of the filler enhances the cleaning process by generating a scrubbing action inside the bowl.The filler may be hot or cold sanitized based on your requirements.

Gentle, Positive Can Control

A complete gear drive system provides smooth handling from infeed to discharge. The modular infeed housing can be fitted with air or chain conveyors.The filler comes equipped with Adcor’s new quick change handling equipment allowing the flexibility to run multiple can diameters and heights.

Spring Actuated Can Lift System

Can presentation is accomplished using the cushion seal system which uses a low pressure spring and locking mechanism.This system allows for a simpler filling valve design, leading to greater fill consistency and low cost valve maintenance.

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